Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

The digital landscape is a confusing place. No two marketing approaches will yield the same results. Segregating your targeting audience and tailoring your marketing approach to best suit the needs of your consumers isn’t an easy feat. It takes sound research and the right amount of tenacity to produce a marketing strategy worth pursuing. This is where Techtacion comes into play. We help you surf the tides of online marketing without falling into the ocean and getting lost between millions of brands. We offer you an impactful marketing plan that allows your brand to spread its wings and soar the heights of success. Have a unique product/service? We’re here to make your brand the next big thing!

Content Marketing

Almost every business is now focusing on creating insightful and valuable content but why are so many brands focusing on creating a content marketing strategy?  The answer is simple. Good content drives traffic, traffic drives conversions, and ultimately conversions help you scale your business. If you want to become an authority in your domain then you must have a content strategy in place. Let Techtacion take care of your blogging and promotional needs. After careful assessment and extensive research, we curate insightful content for your brand that will drive sales and conversions. 

Content Marketing
Website Development

Website Development

We help you achieve the ideal website that you’ve been yearning for. By focusing on innovation, creativity, and functionality, we design websites that are a class apart. We treat each phase of website design and development with utmost care. We have gathered a set of qualified and creative experts all under one roof to give you the best website development experience of your life. Our experts are proficient at designing websites of any scale on any technology.  We accelerate the performance of your website through interactive features and easier navigation. With proficiency in technologies like HTML, HTML5, CSS, Joomla, Rubyonrails, WordPress, magento, etc, our designers ensure that your website always sparks curiosity in the mind of the visitor. We design your website from a marketing and selling perspective, so you always get a wider and bigger reach. 

Application Development

We are Techtacion, we build fast, scalable, and high-performing for a myriad of business sectors. Our apps help you connect with your prospects efficiently and effectively. Every strong business decision needs an equally strong strategy that drives it towards success. Similarly, every great app needs an even greater mobile app strategy.  To provide you with the best possible outcomes, we start our journey by understanding your business goals and operations. We work in different phases to create an app that becomes an instant hit within your audience. Let us develop the app of dreams.

Application Development

Our Story

We are Techtacion, your trusted development partners. Techtacion is an emerging design and development agency that came into birth when five tech-savvy individuals got together to create something bigger and better than your average design and development agency. We breathe life into your digital dreams and lay the foundation for your business’ online activities. We enable you to scale your brand to its fullest potential and provide you assistance from inception to execution. We only rest when you are satisfied with our services and put all our efforts in giving you much more than plain design and development services. We are here to empower you to make full use of the digital ecosphere. No matter how simple or complicated your project might be, we are up for the challenge!


Our Vision

At Techtacion, we envision becoming a reliable, trusted, influential, and innovative partner for our clientele. We put all our efforts and energy into delivering our clients something that not only matches their expectations but also exceeds them. We are the movers and shakers. We help you streamline your business’ online activities so you can exhibit your offerings in the best possible way. Innovation and disruption is at the core of Techtacion and everything we do is a reflection of this. 


Our clients trust us because we deliver exactly what we commit. Client satisfaction is an integral part of our working and it is through our dedication and commitment that we have established ourselves in such a short period of time.

Our Mission

Techtacion is on a mission to revolutionize the entire digital landscape by offering lucrative and value-adding services that allow you to expand and propagate your business exponentially. Through innovation, we implement cutting-edge development and design solutions that are guaranteed to give your business an impactful boost. We take pride in developing unmatchable, one of a kind, robust websites that offer unbeatable performance. The websites we develop are a living testimonial of our capabilities. Let us breathe life into all your digital dreams!

Why Choose Us

There are plenty of reasons to choose Techtacion but here’s a simple breakdown of the top reasons why our clients choose us:

  • Customer-centric approach 
  • Innovation and disruption 
  • Tested and proven methodologies 
  • Transparency and honesty 
  • Great value for money

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